Organizational Design - Strategically Envisioning Your Future

Does your company have a clear and inspiring Future Vision and Strategy? Does your team know about this Future Vision and Strategy and how their role contributes to its attainment?

MōD helps organizations envision or revision their future to improve the status quo and move positively and strategically forward. With envisioning, we start with a blank slate. Revisioning refers to changes both small–a small tweak to create a better flow–and large–completely reimagining the mission, vision, and roles.

Our Meaningful Organizational Design process begins with a comprehensive analysis of the business as it is today. Taking the next step, the MōD process helps you identify innovation ideas for a meaningful future. The result is a knowledge management blueprint for the current and future state of the organization that inspires and engages your stakeholders. 

Strategic Envisioning

We want to facilitate your next strategic planning session!

We work with you to design your organization’s future using a lens of meaningful innovation and strategy. We bring the meaningful framework and lens. You bring unique content and opportunities for change and transformation.

Meaningful Organizational Design is a Strategic Envisioning – or Strategic Planning – process. This includes reviewing your mission, vision, and values, and identifying meaningful innovations and actions that support a well-designed future.


Systemic problems can be addressed by your team, but you need time, space, and a framework. We know that the MōD process can help you identify and drill down into the problem, identify innovative solutions, and then develop an action plan. Instead of feeling like a drain on your resources, the process can help to bring out the natural innovation and creativity in your culture.

Project Management

We are partners in the process and in your success. When you reach the stage of knowing what you want to do, we don’t stop there. We help you design each project or goal directly in your existing project management software. For organizations who don’t have project management software in place, we can design Asana Project Management software for your needs. We embed team insights and documents gleaned from the facilitation into the project for short-term, medium-range, and long-term goals.