The ICF distinguishes Presence as a qualitative core competency for professional coaches. Learn an evidence-based method for enhancing Leadership Presence. Click here to request more information.

Organizational Development - Team and Leadership Coaching

We go beyond facilitating the MōD knowledge management platform. Hire us to help your team realign, refocus and reset. MōD’s services develop your team’s inner resources for success. We offer workshops as well as individual and group coaching programs that can be delivered in the workplace or retreat settings. 

MōD is about bringing a new ‘mode’ of doing business into the organizational culture and structure. This process is informed by meaning and mindfulness. We facilitate change and transformation, bringing innovative solutions and conscious capitalism principles to help your organization evolve toward a meaningful future.

Team Alignment

The MōD process allows you to bring your team together around a common goal.  This process brings everyone on board to assess organizational challenges and generate ideas for the future, engaging and honing the leadership skills of the team as a unit. The process develops a more accurate and shared understanding of the organization and builds trust among your people.

Mindfulness Coaching

Using a cutting-edge evidence-based coaching process founded in Mindfulness and Presence, our Mindful Leadership Workshops and Training offer a proven path to accelerated growth and professional development for your leaders and teams.

The 4-step process has the power to transform your organization as people experience the outcome of developing multiple forms of intelligence through the practice of deep and generous listening.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is integral to our work with organizations. The Executive Program – I begins with an intensive introduction to the 4-step Mindfulness coaching process. Executive Program – I & II continue with ongoing learning and coaching to expand the client’s mindful leadership skills and integrate them into their organizational goals and objectives.